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Village of Bentleyville Building Department
Phone: 440-247-5055
Fax:      440-247-3755

Building Commissioner- Jeff Filarski

Phone: 440-399-0810

SAFEbuilt Website:

To schedule an inspection please contact SAFEbuilt at 440-399-0850 Monday-Friday between the hours of  7:45 am  - 12 noon and 1pm - 3:45 pm.

24 hour minimum notice for all inspections

Please be prepared to give the following information when scheduling your inspection:
Permit number
Contractor contact name
Phone number
Type of inspection

Planning and Zoning Procedures & Guidelines
Village of Bentleyville

Meeting Dates:
Second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.
****All submittals to the Planning Commission must be made at least two weeks prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which action is desired.*****

Types of Projects that Require Planning & Zoning Commission Review
Property line walls or entry feature fences
Subdivisions: Two lots or more
Lot Splits and Consolidations
Changing land contour, grade; topsoil removal
All Variances
Riparian Area Conditional Use Permits

Lot Size
60,000 square feet or 43,560 square feet in a subdivision

Front - 120' to center of street
Side - 35'
Rear - 50'

Height of Building
Two stories or 35'

Lot Coverage
30% of lot maximum
One main dwelling per lot
Minimum frontage 200'

Accessory Buildings
Rear yard only
One story or 25' height limit

Minimum dimensions: 20' wide, 22' deep

25' to rear lot line
35' to side line

Planning Submittals
Six sets of drawings, two weeks prior to meeting

Water Tie-ins
Before a permit is granted for a new dwelling, all water assessments must be paid in addition to a tap-in fee

Changing Land Contours
Applications forwarded to Planning Commission by Village Engineer







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