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JANUARY 21, 2015


Committee Member Kathleen Hale called the meeting to order at 6:08 PM.  Committee Member Jonathan Slain was absent.  Fiscal Officer Bernice Schreiber was in attendance.

Council Members John Bourrisseau, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Esposito and Ken Kvacek were present.


Old Business: Ms. Schreiber explained the general procedure by which the Village might begin the process of moving the moneys presently retained by the Village as Inactive or Unclaimed Funds into the process mandated by the State of Ohio for recovery.  Further details will be discussed in future Finance Committee meetings as they become available.


New Business:

The Committee reviewed the Village’s monthly financial report and accounts payable, which were approved after brief discussion.  The Village closed out 2014 with about $19,000 more in the general fund than it started with at the end of 2013.  $192,000 is presently held in the capital improvements fund ($18,000 presently earmarked for planned expenditures).

During review of the month’s financial report and accounts payable, there was discussion of procedures used by the Village to evaluate the background of potential hires for the police department, relating to the charge by Poly-Tech Associates, Inc. for polygraphing.  The question of best practices for effective risk management was referred to Streets and Safety.

There was a brief discussion of the Village’s experiences over the past year concerning the agreement with Great Lakes Petroleum to supply gas and diesel for Village police and service vehicles at Gurney School. Streets and Safety will be asked to continue to evaluate which supplier best fits the Village’s needs.

The Committee discussed Ordinance 2015-1 for the payment of bills for the month of January 2015, and recommends that Council adopt that Ordinance.


Committee Member Hale adjourned the meeting at 6:50 PM.


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