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Bentleyville Finance Committee

February 9, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kathleen Hale, Finance Committee;

Bernice Schreiber, Fiscal Officer

John Bourisseau, Council; Christine Comstock, Council; Kathleen Esposito, Council; Ken Kvacek, Council


Meeting called to order at 6:05 P.M.

Approval of Minutes of meeting Finance Committee of January 15, 2014: unanimously approved

Accounts Payable: reviewed and unanimously recommended for payment

Review of Financial Statements: Ms. Schreiber summarized for the Committee the item reflecting the one time collection of a settlement for disputed RITA payments on behalf of a Bentleyville resident currently living and working outside the United States.  Review of the cost of the repair to the rear differential of a police department SUV led to a discussion of how to balance future police vehicle expenditures against the need to reserve funds for future service department vehicle upgrade and replacement, as currently projected. Expenses for the Village as a whole remain below the amount budgeted to date.

Old Business: It was suggested at the last Committee Meeting that the Chief of Police discuss with the Committee his projections for the collection of traffic fines for the coming year.  This discussion was deferred to a later date.

New Business: The Committee and attending Council members reviewed the Ordinances to be presented at the next Council meeting.  Approval of those proposed Ordinances was unanimously recommended.

Mayor Leonard Spremulli joined the meeting at 6:45, to present to the Committee and attending Council members the decision made by him and Police Chief Barone to offer the previously budgeted position of full time additional police officer to Officer Mark Ondich.  The Mayor further recommended that Council consider the hiring of a second additional full time officer in the near future. Noting the decision of Officer Kalk to leave the Village force, and the announced intention of Lieutenant Nagel to retire at the end of the present year, the Mayor stated that the Village would be best served by the addition of another full time officer. The Mayor further noted that the Ad Hoc Committee which assisted in the review of candidates for the position offered to Officer Ondich felt that Officer Tom Cutwright was also highly qualified for such a position. Discussion of this proposal by the Mayor followed, and included a summary by Ms. Schreiber of the projected cost of hiring a second additional full time officer at this time. Estimates indicate that the net result would be an increase of about $13,800 over the amount budgeted for Police salaries this calendar year.

The Mayor requested that Council consider an Ordinance at its next scheduled meeting for the hiring of Officer Tom Cutwright as a full time police officer.

Meeting adjourned at 6:58 P.M.

Minutes submitted by Kathleen Hale, Finance Committee






















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