6:00 PM


Meeting called to order: 6:00

Present: Kathleen Hale and Bernice Schreiber, Committee Members; Absent: Jonathan Slain

Written minutes of prior meeting, March 19, 2014, were reviewed and accepted.

Finance Manager Report: Ms. Schreiber reported that the RITA subpoena program recently carried out may result in a pattern of increased RITA collections over the next few months. The Village’s participation in that program appears to be one that should be repeated on a regular basis, perhaps annually, as Council deems appropriate. The progress of the changeover to First National Bank for Village accounts was discussed. Efforts to work with the State of Ohio to facilitate automatic payments into the new account have been frustrating.

Accounts Payable were reviewed and approved.

Financial Statements submitted for approval at the next Council meeting were reviewed.

Ordinances proposed for the meeting of Village Council scheduled for 7:00, April 16th were discussed.

It was agreed that the Law Director would be asked to clarify the Village responsibilities regarding the fee to be paid to ASCAP for music licensing arising from anticipated use of the Village Park for free concerts.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:50.

Next meeting scheduled for May 21, 2014 at 6:00.

Minutes submitted by Kathleen Hale




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