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Village of Bentleyville Launches Bville Safe

Launch of Bville Safe - To assure that we can reach you in case of emergency, please check or add your contact information.

  – our new safety notification system. This notification system goes two ways . The Village can send notifications to the residents and the residents can send notifications to the Village.  



Application Screen Capture

The Village will send emails, text alerts or telephone calls to residents and residents may easily send alerts to the police department. The village will send local pertinent alerts but will not duplicate the major news networks about weather, school closings or other headlines. We will send information about local road closing, Bentleyville events and/or other relevant information.



Bville Safe is the new emergency communication system for Village residents. Bville Safe has two main functions.   


1. The Village Notification System allows the Village to send alerts to residents through text, email, telephone message, Twitter and/or Facebook.

2. A Smart Phone App will enable a resident to contact the Bentleyville Police immediately with a request or a report.


Bville Safe Village Mass Notification System

The Bentleyville Police Chief and/or the Mayor of Bentleyville will use the Bville Safe Village Mass Notification System to notify residents of a Village emergency alert or information of local import.   


 Please review and update your contact information by using your smartphone app (Bville Safe) or the link from the Village Website ( or going directly to


Or you may call Molly Snow at Village Hall 440-247-5055, she will be glad to make it easy for you.  


Bville Safe Smartphone App            


App Screen Capture

The new Bville Safe Smartphone App offers three major features to Bentleyville residents while in Bentleyville or in the Chagrin Valley.  Each of these features includes an advanced GPS location service which allows police to determine the exact location in Bentleyville of the cell phone.  Note: The emergency locator is active when you are using the App and have your location services turned on in your phone.  This App is free for you to download on either Android or Iphone.

1. The Immediate Call Feature.  With this feature a Village resident can access immediate emergency services at the push of a button while instantly providing Bentleyville Police with an accurate location of his/her cellphone.

2 The iReports Feature. With this feature, a Village resident can  - anonymously or otherwise – messages, photos or videos directly to Bentleyville Police. iReports will make it easy to report safety situations concerning behavior and/or crimes quietly from a safe distance.  Send a picture of that car that shouldn’t be there, etc.


3.  The Safety Check Feature.  With this feature, a Village resident can set a timer and list the phone number(s) of those he/she wishes to have contacted in the event the timer is not turned off before this safety check is activated.  The resident can include any contact numbers. For example, if a resident is out walking alone and fails to turn off the timer, the Bville Safe App will generate calls to the numbers listed.  He/she can be located from your phone and help will be on the way.


For the Safety Checks, please note that text messages will be sent and phone calls will not be placed.  Therefore, the Emergency Contact phone number will have to be a cell phone number and not a landline.


4. Medical Information.  It is not necessary to fill out any medical information.  If you have a medical condition or take medication that might be important for a First Responder to know, it will help Police provide faster and more targeted medical care if necessary. 


Instructions to get started:





On your smartphone, go to the App Store.  Search for bville safe. Download the app, install and open it.  This is the icon you will see on your phone screen

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