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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee

August 14, 2013


Present were: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, George Skipper, Tim Pitts and Dale Berger


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 9:45 AM.  


Approval of the Minutes

The July 10, 2013 minutes were approved as submitted. 


Old Business


Garden Club Supplies
The Garden Club has condensed their supplies which are presently stored in the women's bathroom in the Police Department.  We are looking for an alternative place in Village Hall to store them.


PayPal account.  Bernice has spoken to the auditor who approved the PayPal account.  She has set up the account.  At the next meeting, we will discuss a more detailed procedure for the use of this account.


Holiday lighting plans.  Tim had met with Troy Young about the suggested holiday lighting for the Solon road bridge.  He had recommended some bulbs that would get about 250,000 hours of lighting.  He suggested 87 strings.  The cost could be around $500 and we may have a donation to cover that cost.  The lights are on display in the police lunchroom – stop by during regular business hours and take a look.  We talked about putting electrical outlets on the polls.  There are now outlets at each end of the bridge and it might be easier if there were separate outlets.  Tim will look into the costs for that.


Eagle Scout Project. 

Alex DiStaulo has placed both the bat houses and the blue bird houses in the Park.  He had help from the naturalist at the Metroparks  in choosing the proper places to hang the birdhouses.  He still has the owl houses to hang and needs to have a ladder and help to get them 20 to 30 feet up.  Dale will help Alex with that.  George offered his 32 foot ladder.


Carpeting.  We have received three estimates for the carpeting.  Life Style Floors, the company recommended by Pam Spremulli, is the lowest bidder at $5423.  We will accept his bid.



A letter has been prepared to send to Brian Zimmerman in response to Mr. Zimmerman’s recent letter.  Mr. Zimmerman has now received copies of the Development Plan that the committee has been following and there are annual reports from the past 10 years.  Apparently, Mr. Zimmerman had not seen those documents.  Mr. Zimmerman is still asking for some items that are beyond the scope of the present intentions and perhaps the result of confused communication.  For example, he wants complete plans for the new plumbing but running water will not be in the house and there will not be a need for new plumbing.  Because the tuck pointing cannot be finished until we have a lease and access to the property which we do not have, there is probably water damage occurring.  We discussed the insurance on the McFarland home.  We have provided a $1 million rider on the house, but it is difficult to know if the insurance company will continue to cover a property for which we have no lease and no access.  It is also difficult to get volunteers or to raise money in a situation where the applicant cannot guarantee anything. 


Sledding Hill

The apple tree in the field beneath the sledding hill has fallen over.  It was a very old tree, not pruned recently and therefore top heavy. In the recent heavy rains, the roots loosened and the tree fell.  The Service Department will leave it until the apples are gone and then move it.  Bernice will get the specific wording about sledding hill policy from the insurance company that will best meet our needs. (Note: The phrase “at your own risk” was provided by the insurance company.)


Minutes on Website

George had received a question from a resident about posting the committee minutes on the website and was glad to hear they are already posted. Molly has been doing an excellent job posting timely minutes and other additions to the web site. 


Next Meeting:
September 11, 2013  10:00 AM


Meeting Adjourned:  10:40 AM


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