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Village of Bentleyville
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

August 8, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM following the Safety and Streets Committee meeting by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Bentleyville Parks Committee, Dale Berger, Ed Gray, Resident

The minutes from June 6, 2012, were approved.

Old business

Dale provided a Service update.

The summer drought has slowed the growing and so mowing has been needed less frequently.  Watering has been needed more frequently.  Some trees have fallen in the storms and have been dealt with.  One pine tree at the back of the parking lot was almost blown over completely and the Committee agreed with Dale that the best decision was to cut it down. 

The Park path looks great.  The mowing has smoothed it out and the drought and extra sunshine have kept the growth down.  It takes around 2 hours to mow and trim.  The path is less than a half mile so it’s an easy, quick and very beautiful walk.  We may have another picnic table available.

The carpets in the offices have been cleaned, the chairs in the offices and in the Hall have been cleaned.  Reports have been that it looks nice and smells fresh.  Having purchased our own carpet cleaner, this task can now be done more frequently and easily.

The Service Department has received the new T-shirts and the new rain suits.  All are good and bright. 

We talked about the Cemetery and will ask Jeff Filarski to mark the Village property so we can see the boundaries of our land more clearly.

The small “Trails Ahead” and “Entrance on Solon Road” signs have arrived and will be placed soon. 

Summary tasks are going smoothly.  The large task list and the current task list are on file at Village Hall.  The timesheets are working well and will continue to be amended as needed.  They are on file at Village Hall. 

New business

We talked about the plastic chairs that we make available for residents use.  We had considered not using them but residents do use these chairs and so the committee decided to continue making the chairs available.  We will look for sturdy replacement chairs at a reasonable cost – when they are on sale. 

We looked at designs for the sign on Solon Road for the Park.  The village has an extra Bentleyville sign and we hope that may be the ideal solution.  It will need to be tailored to fit our need.  It will be placed on Solon road by the Park drive. 


The committee looked at pictures of benches.  We liked the design of the ones we already have the best.  There is a possibility that Christian Shimp may be considering building benches as an Eagle Scout project.  We also discussed the possibility of planting trees, perhaps with a memorial plaque.  We will talk with the Garden Club about recommendations.

Future project possibility
One of the frequent suggestions has been the idea of a fishing area that would be accessible to handicapped persons, to senior citizens and convenient for children and parents. 

Future meeting dates
The committee noted that it worked out well for staff and committee to have the Parks Committee Meeting after the Safety and Streets Committee meeting so the Parks meetings will be changed to the second Wednesday of every month following the Safety and Streets Committee meeting.

Our priority continues to be to make the Park appealing and accessible.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM.  The next meeting will be held September 12, 2012 at 10:00 AM. 

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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