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Planning & Zoning


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7:00 p.m.



 New Business:


            1.         Anne Carrol/John Maxfield

                        35036 Cannon Road


Garage/Craft room – the following variances are to be considered for recommendation to Council:


Plans request a 224 square foot variance from §1266.02(d) – 1000 maximum square footage of Accessory Buildings


Plans request a 15 foot variance from §1266.02(a)(1)(B) -- 35 feet minimum side lot for Accessory Buildings. 


Plans request a variance from §1266.02(a)(2)(A) which requires detached garages entrance doors to face the side of the main dwelling.  Entrance doors will face the street.


Plans request a 2 foot variance from §1266.02(a)(2)(B) – 20 foot maximum height of an Accessory Building. 


Plans request a variance from §1266.02(g) which requires that accessory buildings not exceed one-story.


Plans request a 15 foot variance from §1266.03(d) which require that all buildings be located not nearer than 120 feet to the center of any street.  



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