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August 27, 2008

Planning & Zoning Minutes

Bentleyville, Ohio


Present: Doug Miller, Bob Darden, Mayor Spremulli, George Skipper, Spencer Pisczak, and Greg Potts.

Meeting started at 7:10 and adjourned at 8:18

1.  Approval of 50 Berkshire Park Dr.- Scott Wilson- Owner. Porch addition. Approved 4-0.

2.  70 Winding River Trail-Mark Shapiro -Generator Installation. Approved 4-0.

3.  572 Solon Rd. - Barb Cunliffe-Addition. Motion from Doug Miller, 2nd from Mayor Spremulli. Approved 5-0.

4.  35432 Quartermane Circle- Mr. and Mrs. David Hargis-Garage  Addition. Motion from George Skipper, 2nd from Mayor Spremulli, approved 5-0.

Audience Comments. Wendy Gillund suggested that a Developer and Builder Checklist be created as a standard for the applicant and all P and Z/Council Members.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 P.M.

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