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December 10, 2008

Planning & Zoning Minutes

Bentleyville, Ohio


Present: Doug Miller, Mayor Spremulli, George Skipper, Spencer Pisczak.

Meeting started at 7:05 and adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

1.  Minutes were approved for May, August, and September.

2.  Ms. Cunliffe. 572 Solon Road, Henry Piper Architect. Addition to home; 4-0 approval on plans. Motion made by Mayor Spremulli, 2nded by Doug Miller.

3.  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tallat-Kelpsa. Revised site plan for 600 Solon rd. New Construction. Motion made by Mayor Spremulli, 2nded by Doug Miller, subject to provisions in Chagrin Valley Engineering letter dated December 3, 2008. 4-0 approval.

4.  Jerry Ellerin seeking an extension for Wharton Woods. Motion made by Spencer to grant an extension for the current project that was approved earlier in the year through 1/31/09, 2nded by Mayor Spremulli. Approved 3-0, Doug Miller abstained. Motion made by Spencer and 2nded to table to next meeting, 2nded by George Skipper. Approved 3-0. Doug Miller abstained.

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