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Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes

June 25th, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 P.M.

Present: Robert Darden, Doug Miller, Len Spremulli, George Skipper. Spencer Pisczak was absent.


1. Mr. Mark Ross - 35072 Cannon Road

Mr. Ross presented plans for an addition and alterations to the existing home. A motion was made by to approve the plans as submitted, and was approved by three of the commission members. Mayor Spremulli recused himself from the vote.

2. Mr. R. Lekic - 5305 Liberty Road

Mr. Lekic submitted plans for a new dwelling at 5573 Liberty Road. The property is owned by Mr. Lekic. The building inspector requested more detail on the framing plans. Also, the village engineer identified a number of issues to be addressed (see attachment) before he would approve the submission. Mr. Lekic's plans were approved contingent on final approval by both the building inspector and the village engineer. The conditional approval was by three members of the commission, with Mr. Darden recusing himself from the vote.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kvacek - 35054 Cannon Road

Mr. Kvacek submitted plans for an addition and renovation of the existing house. The plans were approved.

New business:

Codified Ordinance 1244.03(a) requires that preliminary plats be submitted “at least two weeks prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which action is desired”. Even though the village has also required that plans for new dwellings, additions, alterations, etc, also be submitted two weeks prior to the Commission meeting, there's no legislative basis for that request. Since both the building inspector and the village engineer need the two-week lead time for review of submissions, the Commission is requesting that Council adopt a rule that all submittals to the Planning Commission must be made at least two weeks “prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which action is desired”.

There being no further business, the Commission adjourned at 8:15 P.M.

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