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Safety and Streets

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

9 AM


Present, John Bourisseau Chair, Council Members Ken Kvacek, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito, Chief Gabriel Barone, Service Director Dale Berger


Review Police and Service Hours  Police and service hours are within expected limits.  There has been some overtime due to the amount of snow that we have experienced this season.

          The Chief shared a report that documents the level of police activity in the Village.  The Chief reported that he continues to explore the expansion of Part-time officers.

          Dale reported that we finally have received a portion of our salt order.  Dale also acquired some salt from the state on a loan basis, along with some cinders should they be needed.  We have use

          We discussed the policy in place for replacement of mailboxes or other items damaged by snowplows.  Dale was asked to determine the amount expended from Village funds for repairs or replacement over the past few years in order to determine if a line item should be created to cover costs.

          Dale reported that we still have a truck out of service.  He is waiting to hear from the garage regarding a diagnosis of the problem and estimate of repair cost.

          Dale reported that he is evaluating all of the speed signs in the Village to ensure that they meet requirements.  Signs out of compliance will be repaired or replaced.  The undercarriage washer for the trucks is in operation.  It was suggested that the police department also utilize this equipment.

          Dale will be attending a safety meeting.  Our service staff participation in meetings of this type has lowered our workmen’s compensation insurance costs.


Old Business  

          We discussed the need to develop appropriate evaluation procedures for service department staff.  We will review a variety of forms and make recommendations at the next meeting.

          Ken Kvacek reported on his conversations with the Chief regarding police cars.

          Kathleen Hale asked for an update on the Fire Hydrant situation.  John reported that Chagrin continues to look into the problem, but nothing can be done until Spring.

          Dale will provide copies of our equipment list for the next meeting for discussion.

          John reported that the lights on the Miles Rd. bridge were not functioning properly.  Dale will follow-up.


New Business

          We discussed Hazmat services in the Chagrin Valley.  There is a group co-ordinated through the Chagrin Fire Dept. that provides services for a fee.  The Village presently receives services through the county.  Our needs are minimal, and in the past, it has been felt that the cost of joining the consortium was not justified.  The Chief will explore why other communities have joined

          We discussed an unsolicited mailing from Optotraffic, a private group that provides and operated traffic camera’s.  It was determined that we were not interested in the service.


Meeting Adjourned 10:10 AM

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