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Safety & Streets

Wednesday March 12, 2014

9 am


Present:  John Bourisseau, Ken Kvacek, Service Director Dale Berger, Chief Barone, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito


Review Police and Service hours.

Police and Service hours are within expected limits.


Dale reported that we have received all of the road salt that we ordered and now have an adequate supply on hand


The service Department is working on updating the ladies bathroom in the basement of Vlg. Hall.


We still are trying to find a way to bring our fire alarm system in the Vlg. Hall to meet the requirements specified by the Fire Marshall.  The Building Department is looking into the issue.


We discussed the condition of the signs at the community borders.  Dale indicated the poles will be refurbished or replaced, and signs painted where warranted.  There was a suggestion that we may want to revisit the design on the signs.  No specific recommendation was made.


Dale reported that we the 5T truck is still being repaired.  It has been out of service for 5 weeks, but hopefully will be ready for next week.  The repairs are more extensive due to salt damage to lines and connectors under the truck and are estimated to approach $5000.   We will have to review and make adjustments to our equipment and repairs budget.  It is hoped that the new undercarriage washer recently purchased will help to diminish the problems caused by salt erosion.  It is recommended that the Police Cruisers also be treated.


Old Business


Chief Barone indicated that the 5 service weapons ordered in December had arrived.  He wanted to know if he could go ahead and order the remaining service weapons that are specified in the 2014 budget.  A discussion ensued regarding the pros and cons of the Village owning service weapons.  The committee recommended that the chief move forward with ordering the service weapons specified in the budget.





New Business


We reviewed 2 ordinances that will be brought to council.  One will be to hire an additional full time officer, and the other will be to confirm the appointment of the police chief.  The committee recommends that council pass both ordinances.


The Chief reported that a number of high quality MDT units were being made available due to an equipment upgrade by another community.  These units are being updated with appropriate software and will represent a significant upgrade on the equipment that we now have in our vehicles.  We can acquire 3 units for aproximently $2000.  The committee recommended that we purchase the units subsequent to a conversation with the fiscal officer.  We discussed a possible replacement cycle for the future.


The Chief mentioned that the Police Department was in the possession of a number of weapons-rifles, shotguns etc. that had been purchased through an auxiliary fund, independent of the Village, a number of years ago.  The entity that bought these weapons no longer exists.  The weapons are appropriate for police use and are housed within the department.  The Chief was inquiring how these weapons could be made to be official Village property.  It was recommended that the Chief consult the Law Director for direction.


Council member Comstock asked the chief if he was aware of the availability of Naloxone, a drug used to combat the effects of an opiate overdose.  A discussion ensued about what type of first aid should be available through our police department and what type of training our officers should have.  Council member Bourisseau recommended that the chief consult the most recent best practices regarding police first aid and report back to the committee at next months meeting.


Council member Comstock asked the Chief if he had reviewed the reverse 911 app.  The Chief has not, but will do so in the near future.


Meeting adjourned at 10:07



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