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Safety and Streets

June 11, 2014

9 AM


Attending: Council members John Bourisseau, Ken Kvacek, Kathleen Hale, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Esposito, Police Chief Gabe Barone, Service Director Dale Berger, Village Engineer, Jeff Filarski


Review police and service hours--Chief Barone indicated that one full-time officer will be leaving the force in July, and another is on sick leave of undetermined length.  A discussion ensued as to options for filling the position and to ensure that shifts were covered.  The Chief also indicated that the new MDT’s were being installed and should be on line shortly.

Dale Berger reported that the use of part-time summer help has been very successful in getting needed tasks done.  They are catching up on grass and road maintenance. The service department has been coordinating the use of the roller, previously purchased with Chagrin Falls, to accomplish hot patching.


Old Business

Hazmat services.  There have been numerous discussions regarding joining the regional Hazmat program.  Should there be an incident in the Village, coverage would be provided, but a fee would be charged.  It was recommended that we not participate at this time.

Enhanced 911/GPS  Members of council who had not seen a demonstration of the enhanced GPS system offered by Incell Technologies were able to do so.  All are impressed by the capabilities of the system and are interested in exploring how this system might be implemented in the Village.  All agreed that it would be necessary to educate residents about the capabilities of the system, then ascertain how many residents would actually download the app in order to determine its cost effectiveness.  The charge for the program is $300 a month, but it would be free to residents.

Dispatch has informed the Village that billing for the reverse 911 system is due in July.  Basic 911 service will remain the same, but the reverse 911 option requires an additional $1500 per year for 3 years, and will only be available for extreme emergency use.  In the past, we were able to utilize the system for local needs like a water boil alert.  It was the feeling of the committee that we would forego the additional $1500 charge.


Mrs. Comstock inquired about the status of having officers being able to administer narcan.  The Chief indicated he was ready to go if council recommends it.  We will discuss at the next council meeting


New Business

The Village Engineer reviewed the 2014 Roads program with the committee.  We discussed costs and needs for the future.


Mr. Bourisseau asked the Engineer about who was responsible for the maintenance of the railings on the Miles Rd Bridge.  The paint on the railings is beginning to chip and peel.  Jeff will review with the County who is responsible for esthetic maintenance.


Meeting adjourned: 10:30

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