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Safety and Streets
January 11, 2012
9 AM

Present: Kathleen Hale, Christine Comstock, Dale Berger, David Maine, Lt.Nagle, Chief Pitts

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Service Department Hours and Police part time hours were under budget for the year.  The decline in service department hours is partially attributed to the relatively snow free Fall, and the inability to do some work because we were without a tractor for the better part of the Summer and Fall.
Police Full-time hours were over budget.  We have discussed the reasons for this at previous meetings
Discuss service projects and equipment---Equipment is in good condition.  Dale would like to proceed with refurbishing one of the plows once the budget is approved.
The Chief discussed our contract with Cargill for Salt.  In order to lock in a specific price per Ton, you have to commit to receive 80% of your total order, irregardless of the total amount needed.  Should the Winter continue to be mild, we would still be required to take delivery of about 800T of salt.  Should it be necessary, this salt would be stored in the lot and covered by a tarp.  We normally use well over 800T a year.
Presently, the bins are full, and salt is exposed to the elements.  Dale will purchase a tarp to cover the exposed salt.  Salt exposed in such a manner will be covered unless snow is in the forecast, at which time it will be removed, so that the service department will not be required to attempt to manipulate a snow covered or frozen tarp during snow conditions.
2.  Old Business
We discussed the Auxiliary Police program and whether it is being effective or not.  It is recommended that Sgt. Turner evaluate the status of the program in relation to its initial goals and provide a report to Council.
We discussed, at length, the recommendations in the 2012 budget for the Service Department and Police Administrative Staff.  The Chief expressed concern that he has not been consulted regarding the changes and there have been no discussions about the practical implications of the changes.  We suggested a meeting with the Mayor to review his rationale for the changes and to develop a plan for implementation.
Lt. Nagle recommended that we have a larger pool of part-time officers to draw from.  We are presently using a core of 5 part-time people to cover all shifts.  In addition, Officer Shingula handles Bedford Court and Officer Wilk handles detective work.

3.  New Business
       Discuss MARC grant proposal---We reviewed the MARCS Radio Subscription Agreement.  Resident David Maine, who is also the police chief in Hunting Valley, provided some background information and participated in the discussion.
The grant only recently became available, and Bentleyville qualified because they are part of a regional consortium who will all commit to the use of this radio.  The radio’s meet the new requirement to move to a higher frequency and will be provided to the participating communities for an annual fee of $30.24 per portable/mobile unit.  Annual cost to Bentleyville for 11 radios will be $332.64.  Estimated cost of each radio is around $3500--the savings to the Village is about $38,000.  Depending on the timing of the delivery of the radios, the Village may still need to narrow the bandwidth on the 420 mhz that they own.
The S&S Committee recommends entering into the agreement.

Meeting Adjourned 10:25 AM

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