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Safety and Streets
February 8, 2012
9 AM

Present: George Skipper, Chris Comstock, Dale Berger, Chief Pitts, John Bourisseau.  Absent:  Joe Maurer

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment--Dale continues to work on one of the trucks--he has replaced the hydraulic pump, lines and v-belt--hopes to have it on-line soon.  With the lack of snow, the service department has been kept busy with cold patching.  Primarily on Solon Road where there are a number of potholes that need constant attention.  Other areas of attention are in the Trails and Quartermane.

2.  Old Business
  Review S&S Budget recommendations
  The Chief reports that at the meeting of the Valley Service Directors, they had a presentation regarding the Federal mandate to update signs.  The Village needs to develop a time line for replacement.  The Chief will provide additional information regarding the requirements as they become clearer.  The initial goal will be to replace all roadway signs.  The Valley service departments intend to enter into a group purchase arrangement with the sign provider in order to lower costs.
  The Chief indicated that he was in discussions with Cargill regarding the possibility of them storing any excess salt that we may be required to purchase, as specified in our contract, for a nominal fee.  He hopes to have clarification by the end of the month.
  The Chief continues to be in discussion with surrounding communities regarding the shared purchase of a duro-patch machine.
  The Chief reported that a few of the auxiliary may be leaving.  Sgt. Turner is undertaking a review of the auxiliary program for the mayor.

3.  New Business
  Dale reported that two mirrors that are used for traffic safety have been damaged and are in the process of being replaced.  One is located on Cannon Road and provides a few of Cannon for people exciting the Metro-Parks, and the other is on Miles Rd. and provides a view along Miles when exciting N. Fork Dr.
  Dale also reported that the storm sewer pipes and catch basins around the junction of Cannon and Solon Roads were surveyed using a camera.  It was found that the pipe running along the west side of Cannon emptying in to the catch basin at the junctions needs to be replaced.  There is a sinkhole starting at one area above the pipe.  The information has been relayed to the Village Engineer for disposition.  A 2nd line surveyed to the north of Cannon emptying into the Metro-Parks is OK.
  The Chief and Dale reported on a demonstration that they had attended that showed a piece of equipment that could be used to wash, and coat with a salt neutralizing solution onto the underside of trucks and other vehicles.  The equipment was designed for ODOT to help them control the significant damage done to plows and salt trucks on an annual basis.
  Prior to viewing this equipment, Dale had identified power-washing and coating the underside of Village trucks and other vehicles as a task that he felt they needed to be doing, but were unable to accomplish due to time constraints.  To accomplish the task using our present equipment, one of the service department would have to go down in the bay dressed in protective gear and pressure wash the underside of the truck while it is being driven over.  With the portable piece of equipment being demonstrated, the pressure washer is attached and the truck is driven up and over.  It is quick, efficient and safer than the other alternative.  It is something that could easily be done in a few minutes and scheduled on a weekly basis.  Cost $1000 + solution.

Meeting adjourned 10:45

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