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Safety and Streets Meeting
Wednesday, February 9, 2011
9 AM

Present: Chief Pitts, Sgt. Turner, Committee Member Christine Comstock, Committee Chair John Bourisseau, and Councilperson George Skipper

Meeting called to order at 9 AM

1. Review Police and Service Hours.  The Chief reports that part-time police hours are slightly under budget.  He has discussed with the mayor the possibility of adding additional part-time personnel to adequately cover shifts as outlined in the budget.
The Chief also reported that the mayor has begun the process of identifying potential auxiliary police force members.
The Chief reported that we have used about 1000 tons of salt to date.  The service department continues to evaluate the effectiveness of the new salt mixture.  It has the added benefit that it doesn’t clump in the V-box, which is a significant safety factor.
The torsion blocks in 2 plows need to be replaced—otherwise the equipment is holding up well.  Service hours are up due to the need to plow and maintain equipment properly.

2.  New Business  The chief reported that he has purchased 3 MDT units and the associated hardware, software and cell phone data cards for the 3 units.  Sgt. Turner was able to take advantage of a special offering from Sprint Mobile that allowed the Village to purchase 3 new Dell computers, each with a 3year warranty, for a total of $390.  Retail on these units would be about $2000 ea.  A summary of the costs involved has been placed in Council members mailboxes.
The Chief investigated the availability of a new patrol car.  He shared emails that indicated that there were presently no vehicles with the police modifications available.  However, an order could be placed in the Fall, with the Village being able to purchase and take possession of a new car during this calendar year.  The third MDT unit would be placed in the new vehicle.  It is recommended that we pursue the purchase of another SUV.  The issue concerning tires seems to have been solved by purchasing a better quality tire.  The SUV is a much more practical and safe vehicle for the road conditions inherent to our Village.
We discussed an email received from Frank Zugan regarding the EMS/Fire contract.  Chief Zugan is asking the Village to appoint a representative to the EMS/Fire department advisory committee.  This is a requirement of the contract.
We discussed the Police and Fire Dispatch billing rates for 2011.
Christine Comstock proposed that we look into using Facebook or Twitter as a means to update information to residents.  She will meet with Sgt. Turner to explore this further.

3.  Old Business  The Chief reviewed the statistics for the recently completed bow hunting season.  The season was completed without incident.  A total of 33 deer were culled on 18 properties.     Meeting Adjourned at 9:53 AM

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