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Safety and Streets Minutes

Wednesday November 10th
9 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Tim Pitts, Christine Comstock, and George Skipper

1. Review Police and Service Hours
Police hours have been reduced due to changes in scheduling. Service hours are up due to the decision to keep an injured worker on the payroll. At the time of the meeting, it was anticipated that Dale would be back in 4-6 weeks, however he has had a set-back due to a Staph infection and may not be available now until March.

Status of Service Projects: The chief reports that some residents are still leaving out branches for pick-up—the service department is dealing with them as they can. The leaf pick-up program will end November 15th and the service department will change over the equipment for Winter Service.

2. Old Business: Mr. Skipper inquired as the status of the purchase of MDT units for the police department. There was a general sense among the committee that we could move ahead due to the savings in the police department. Mr. Bourisseau indicated that he would follow-up with Finance Committee Chair Joe Maurer. The S&S Committee recommends purchase of these units ASAP.
The Chief reiterated his request for the purchase of a Roller for the Service Department. There are numerous areas throughout the Village where berm repair is needed. Having a roller would allow the Service Dept. to schedule regular repair of these areas and would save money by not having to contract out for these services. He would like to use funds from the Capital Equipment Fund to purchase a used roller while it is still available. Cost $2000

3. New Business: The Chief reported that Officer Biggins has resigned. The Chief is covering these hours with existing personnel and has also taken application for 2 auxiliary officers.
The Chief reported that he has exercised his administrative authority and promoted Officer Turner to Sergeant. He is asking that the appropriate change in pay grade be included in the budget for 2011.
The Chief will be on vacation for 2 weeks beginning Monday November 22nd. Lieut. Nagle will be acting in his place during this period.

Meeting Adjourned 9:55 am

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