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Safety and Streets
August 8, 2012
9 AM

1. Review Police and Service Hours--within expected limits
Discuss service projects and Equipment.--The service department has been working more with a hot asphalt mix.  The Chief designed a box to spread the asphalt onto the road smoothly.  The roller is then used to compact the mix.  The chief reports that they are having good success.  The chief requested to buy a tarp to cover the hot asphalt to contain the heat for longer periods, and requested authorization to cut a separate chute into the tailgate in order to make it easier to access and spread the hot asphalt.

2. Old Business

The chief indicated that he has shut down the 1 ton truck.  The rust on the bed, and other issues make it unusable.  In our projections provided last year, the chief proposed replacing the bed or purchasing a new 1 ton.  This size truck has a lot of utility  throughout the village.  The chief will provide pricing options at the S&S meeting Sept 12.

The chief also indicated, as reported last year, that the pick-up truck is approaching it’s useful life.  Chief will discuss options for replacement of this vehicle at our next meeting.

3. New Business
We had a presentation from Gloria Tedesco of ZEE Industries regarding AED devices.  A price list is attached to these minutes.  It was felt that we should have an AED device at City Hall--and possibly another one in the service garage.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20

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