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Safety & Streets

Wednesday January 8, 2014

9 AM


Meeting commenced at 9 AM Present John Bourisseau, Chair, Council Member Kathleen Hale, Service Director Dale Berger.  Chief Barone arrived at 9:15.



Review Police and Service Hours.  Part time police hours are up slightly.  The 2014 budget includes a full time officer who has not yet been hired.  The Chief has been supplementing the part time staff hours until a full time person can be hired.  Service Department hours are within expected limits, even with the additional time needed to keep the roads clear. 

Service projects and equipment

Dale reported that we were just about out of salt.  He ordered additional salt a few weeks ago but it has not been delivered.  Dale has been in touch with Cargill who have indicated they will try and deliver as soon as possible.  Dale has also contacted Chagrin Falls, who will let us use salt from their supplies should we have an emergency.  The trucks are holding up well, although there is a slight leak in the hydraulic line for the 5T truck.  Dale wants to keep the truck in service during the snowy season, so for the time being they just keep topping off the reservoir.  The line will be repaired when the weather gets better.

The Chief reported that the rear differential in the SUV needs to be replaced.  We discussed alternatives and recommended that the work be completed as soon as possible.  The chief was told that it was not always necessary to wait until a S&S meeting to get approval for work to be completed.

The Chief reported that he was in favor of an aggressive preventive maintenance program for the vehicles.  We discussed keeping logs of work done on vehicles to document maintenance cycles.  Dale indicated that this was being done.

The Chief reported that the new police vehicles are on order, he is hoping for delivery within the 4-6 weeks

Dale will be ordering the sprayer for the underside of the trucks that was approved in the 2014 budget.

Dale reported that they lost heat in the service garage.  Gas was not flowing through the regulator.  Upon the recommendation of the repair company, Dale manipulated a valve in the regulator and gas began flowing appropriately.  It is not recommended that the regulator be replaced at this time.  For the interim period it was necessary to rent a torpedo heater for the garage.  Dale also reported that they have been engaged in a number of residents pick-ups for couches and computers.


New Business  We discussed the frozen hydrants in the Pine Crest area of Chagrin Valley Trails.  Frozen Hydrants are not an uncommon occurrence.  Dale has been in contact with the Chagrin Water Department to discuss the cause and possible remediation strategies. The Committee wants to understand what steps can be taken to try and lesson the possibility of frozen hydrants occurring in the future.  Kathleen is researching the history of the contracts for the installation of the hydrants and John will contact Chagrin Falls to determine inspection cycles, remediation options and cost liability.

We discussed the ordinance that will be on the agenda recommending the hiring of a new law director and prosecutor.  It will be recommended to the mayor that we have an executive session at the council meeting to discuss this hiring.

The Chief indicated that the position for the full-time officer has been posted internally.  We discussed the possibility of setting up a committee to interview the applicants.

A discussion ensued regarding the current personnel and police order policy manuals.  The Chief indicated that he is reviewing the manuals to determine where updates may be necessary.


Old Business  No Old Business


Meeting adjourned 10:25




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