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Safety & Streets Minutes
October 10, 2012
9 AM

Present:  John Bourisseau, Chair, Joe Maurer Committee member, Christine Comstock Council, Chief Pitts, Ed Gray, Lester Hilliar, Bill Oler, Chagrin Safety Supply

1. Review Police and Service Department Hours.  Hours are within expected limits.  Bill Oler from Chagrin Safety Supply introduced his company to the committee.  We have utilized his company for some safety related items in the past.  He provided a company history, range of items available and presented a quote for AED devices.

2. Old Business Reviewed Bids for AED devices. 2 companies have submitted bids for our business. The bids have changed once the companies were aware that the other company was also bidding. The committee determined that we should solicit a last, best bid, from each company and then make a final decision.  Mr. Gray asked what the policy was regarding mowing of berms.  He indicated that, throughout the Village, some seemed to be mowed, but others were not. Chief Pitts indicated that mowing by the Village depended on the terrain and the property owners preference.  A discussion ensued regarding shared services and equipment, as some communities have equipment that would address a specific need that we may have.  The Chief indicated that he continues to have discussions with the surrounding service directors regarding sharing of equipment and shared purchasing.  We reviewed bids for the restoration of the 1-ton truck.  It is recommended that council authorized up to $13,000 for refurbishment of this vehicle.  The truck is presently not in service due to its condition.  We also discussed the the refurbishment of a plow with a stainless steel blade for $5000.  These are both items for which funds were allocated in the 2012 budget.  It was recommended that a motion be made at council that these items be funded. The Chief presented 3 items for consideration for the 2013 budget.  A new police car $31,000, A Scag, 0 degree turn, commercial mower $7000 (State Bid) and a Ford F250 with plow $20,000.  The latter 2 items will be discussed further during budgetary discussions.  The Chief indicated that it is important to order the new cruiser as early in the new fiscal year as possible.  Because of the delay in passing the last budget, the most recent cruiser was delayed in being delivered and is only now being put into service.  In addition, we have recently experienced significant maintenance issues with our present vehicles. The Chief reported that the price for  salt this year is about $34T, last year it was $45T.

3. We reviewed Resolution No: 2012-46, a resolution approving the adoption of the office of emergency management for Cuyahoga County, 2012 and recommended adoption by council. We discussed, and recommended, that the service agreement  with the Chagrin Falls Fire Department, previously voted down, be placed on the agenda for 1st reading.  Procedures need to be developed by the Village to ensure that the Village does not incur any additional costs.  We reviewed the Temporary and Permanent easements required for the Village to address drainage problems adjacent to the Rostek property on Miles road and recommend that council approve the easement.  We reviewed quotes for replacement poles and  streetlights provided by the Village Engineer.  All of the poles on the Solon Road bridge are deteriorating and should be replaced.  The committee discussed the possibility of replacing the poles with composite poles and the luminaries with ones that do not produce as much glare.  Some options were provided to the Engineer for his investigation.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20

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