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Safety and Streets
October 12, 2011
9 AM

Meeting started 9:05--Present Chris Comstock, George Skipper, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, John Bourisseau

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment--Dale reported that the implements for the tractor still have not arrived.  Chagrin Pet and Garden let the Village use their tractor and the leaf boxes have been moved and are being prepared for leaf pick-up.  The new leaf vac is due the 17th, but Dale has readied the old unit for use if need be in the interim
Police and service hours are within the expected range.
The Chief reported that he held a departmental meeting.  It was the first opportunity to get the new auxiliaries together with part and full time officers.
2.  Old Business Status of tractor order--
Chagrin Pet and Garden has been trying to track the the delivery of the various implements for the tractor.  They believe they all will be in house by the 23rd of this month.
3.  New Business 
Review Service Dept. study and recommendations--The Safety and Streets committee was asked to assess the Service Department and review levels of staffing with the focus being on what level of services would provide a minimum level of services, what would constitute adequate services, and what would constitute optimal services for the community.  The final language of the report is not quite ready, but the recommendation for providing an adequate level of services would be to create two full time positions, and keep the same level of part-time staffing.
Discuss video on street equipment--members of the committee reviewed the video that the chief made of a piece of equipment for making patches to streets.  A copy of the video has been provided to members of council and the Village Engineer.  The S&S Committee was impressed with the ease with which this piece of equipment could be used.  We asked the Chief to contact communities, or entities that use this equipment for their feedback on ease of use and durability of the patches.  We also asked the Chief to find out the costs involved in getting the material and emulsion so that we can better analyze the cost of the system.
Discuss possible agreement for Fire Prevention Services--The mayor asked the S&S Committee to review a possible agreement with Chagrin Falls for Fire Prevention Services.  He provided as a model an agreement between Hunting Valley and Chagrin.  The agreement provides for a number of services that would support be made available, primarily through consultation with the Fire Marshall.  The S&S Committee had a few questions and will follow-up by contacting the Fire Marshall Jim Alunni.

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