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Safety and Streets

Wednesday Oct 8, 2014

9 AM


Meeting started 9:10 AM

Present, John Bourisseau, Chair, Chief Barone, Dale Berger, Ken Kvacek, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito


Review Police and Service Hours

          Review Service projects and equipment


The Chief reported on a number of active investigations in the Village.

We discussed the ongoing enforcement of speed limits in portions of Chagrin Valley Trails.  It was the opinion of the group that enforcement continue.

Dale reported that we have contracted for 1000T of salt for the winter.  We are obligated by our contract to purchase 90% of that amount.  We have about 600T on hand.  The price this year is 51.22 per Ton, which is about double the price from last year.  We continue to participate in group purchasing which is a great advantage.  One neighboring community not utilizing group purchasing is paying over $120 per Ton for their salt.

Leaf pick-up will begin October 27th

Dale reported on some minor repairs to the trucks that will be completed in house.

The service department continues to complete minor road repairs throughout the Village.

Dale reported that the portable sign boards used to announce Village events will need some repair--they are losing their ability to hold letters.

Speed limit signs throughout the Village will need to be replaced in order to comply with new federal guidelines.  Dale has received estimates on the cost--about $1200.  A discussion ensued on the number of signs in the Village.  Dale was going to check with the Village Engineer.

Ken shared that he felt the mailbox post at Village Hall is deteriorating and should be replaced.


New Business  None


Old Business  Chris reviewed implementation steps for our new reverse 911 program.  (see Attached)  Thanks to Chris for all her work on this program

Ken suggested that we develop policy guidelines for how the system is used.  It was recommended that we all submit our recommendations via email


We reviewed the procedures for using the duty phone


Meeting adjourned 9:55 am

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