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Safety & Streets

Wednesday October 9, 2013

8:30 AM


Present:  Chief Barone, Dale Berger, Council members Christine Comstock and Kathleen Hale, Committee members George Skipper and John Bourisseau


Review Police and Service Hours

          Discuss Service projects and equipment needs

          Dale reported that a number of repair projects were necessary on the trucks.  The 2010 had the plow attachment adjusted so that it could handle all of our plows.  The oil pan on the ’98 was replaced and holes in the air tanks in the ’05 were repaired.  The leaf box is in and ready to go.

          Dale provided the estimate for the piece of equipment to rinse the underside of the trucks.  Installed, it will cost about $2000, it is recommended for the 2014 budget.  Dale also asked that we put funds in the budget for a weedwacker and gasoline powered hedge trimmer.  Dale reported that the sprinkler system was inspected and needs to be hooked up to the alarm system.


Old Business

          Chief Barone reported on his progress working with the village fiscal officer Bernice Schreiber to network all the computers in the building.  They will have a recommendation to make to council at the next meeting.  The chief has developed a system for cataloguing the information from the video cameras that are in the police vehicles.  Videos need to be kept for at least 60 days.  The Chief continues to evaluate the functioning of the MDT units and the need for a new police vehicle.


New Business

          There was no new business.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:40

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