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Safety and Streets

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

9 AM



Present, John Bourisseau, Chair, Chief Baraone, Service Director Dale Berger, Council members Ken Kvacek, Christine Comstock, Katherine Hale and Kathleen Esposito.


Review Police and Service Hours

          Review service projects and equipment

          Chief Barone reported the resignation of a part-times officer along with a recommendation to appoint a new part time person.

          The Chief also reported his research on buying a new printer.  He reviewed a number of options, with the biggest long-term savings being in purchasing a printer that only prints in black and white.  It was recommended by the committee that the Chief move forward with the purchase of the new printer.

          Service director Dale Berger indicated that leaf pick-up is progressing.  The weather has slowed them down a bit.  The service department approaches leaf pick up systematically trying to make one pass through the entire Village before starting the process again.

          One truck is set up and ready to go should we encounter snow or ice.  A second truck will be ready once we receive a part for the salt spreader.

          Dale reported that the issue of drainage for a number of fire hydrants in the Village is still to be addressed.  The hydrants work, but would be at risk for freezing up should there be a prolonged freeze. Those effected hydrants are all marked and have been reported to the Fire Department.  Dale will keep the Fire Chief up to date regarding the status of repairs.


New Business

          The committee reviewed 2 ordinances that will be on the agenda and recommended passage.

          Councilperson Esposito brought up the need to clean and paint Village Hall.  It was agreed by all present that this should be done as soon as feasible.  Dale mentioned that the Service Department had intended to power wash the building this summer, but were unable to get it done.


Old Business

          Discuss reverse 911 policies and procedures

          Councilperson Christine Comstock presented a number of items related to the new b-safe app, reverse 911 system.  Bentleyville will be the first community in the Valley to use this type of system.  We discussed policies and procedures for it’s use and implementation.--see attached.


meeting adjourned 10:34





Update for Bville Safe

Data base is online!!

603 names in our data base
270 email addresses
501 phone numbers
62 people without email or phone (some by choice)
40 homes we do not have contact information for

PR Steps for Bentleyville Safe
Stage 1
They will do our first import, provide tech support and train us to do our own additions
√ Send our names, numbers and emails from directory, misc and php list to 911 Cellular. 
√ Include people who opted out of the directory
√ Webinar training from 911 Cellular
Train Jackie, Molly and Chief to be able to sign people up.
√ Train Chief (Jackie and Molly) to send out mass notification alerts if needed Jackie and Molly have been trained.  Both have sent out test alerts – Molly is more familiar.
Identify protocol for mass notification - Chief and/or Mayor decide We will do this today.
Identify protocol for “fences” – those wanting minutes and agendas, etc.
Write detailed instructions
Draft welcome message –
Review and test the mass notification
Review and test the app
Identify the graphics and the labels for the app.   We will do this today.

Stage 2 
Put sign-up link on website Test link is up and working
Put notice on website Waiting for PR materials and icons selected
Post to Twitter and send to php list
Post flyers in regular places such as the Village Hall Bulletin Board, the Park Bulletin Board
Send notice to newspapers
Notice on the board by the roads
Information in next newsletter

Stage 3 
Match list with resident map
Call those residents we need more info from – emails, etc.
Send letter to residents we don’t have info for
Send special letter and telephone call to homeowners associations with an offer for Police Chief, Mayor, me - whoever else wants to go - to present to their homeowners meetings
Police will go to doors with flyers and info if no response





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