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Safety & Streets Meeting
Nov. 14, 2012

Present, John Bourisseau, chair, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Christine Comstock counsel, Ed Gray, resident.  Absent Joe Maurer, council

Review Police and Service Hours  All hours are within expected limits.  The Service Department has been working with storm clean-up and leaf pick-up.  They accomplish the latter by systematically working through the Village.  They have experienced some difficulty with the leaf box, which is over 10 years old.  The cylinder for the boom on the leaf vac blew and was replaced under warranty.

The 1-ton truck is in the shop being refurbished.  We are still waiting for the plow refurbishment to be completed--hopefully by the middle of next month.

Many residents, or their contractors, continue to place grass cuttings and other debris in the leaf pile.  This makes it very difficult for leaf pick-up.  It was suggested that we have contractors register with the Village prior to their being able to work for a resident, just as we have snow plow drivers.  At the time of registration, they will be provided with information regarding procedures and what is permissible in the Village.

Sgt. Turner continues to be on light duty following an injury.

The Chief presented a request to swear in four auxiliary officers as part time.  This does not reflect any additional police hours, rather it provides additional flexibility in scheduling.  It was recommended that the mayor do so at his earliest convenience.

The Chief presented some changes that he believes will make the ordinance governing the auxiliary program more effective.  The S&S committee recommends that these changes be adopted by council.

The State is implementing a new activity and incident reporting system.  Training is being provided free of charge.

Old Business  Review Equipment requests for the 2013 budget  In addition to the items discussed last month, the chief recommends that we replace the leaf box.  It is over 10 years old and is in need of constant repair.  We can make it work for the remainder of the season, but a replacement should be in the budget.  The chief will provide cost information.

We discussed the recommendation for the SCAG 0 degree turn mower.  The Chief feels that, given the type of cutting that we now do, having a mower of this type would be more effective and efficient than the small tractor that we presently use.  The tractor is in good condition, but it is 11 years old.  The Chief and Dale feel that with the acquisition of a SCAG mower, we would not need to replace the tractor when it does deteriorate.  We discussed the pro and cons of purchasing a commercial mower vs one sold primarily for household use.  It was felt that a commercial mower would be more appropriate and effective for use throughout the Village.

The three items to be considered in the 2013 budget for capitol purchases are a Leaf Box (price TBD), SCAG Mower $7000 and a new pick-up $25,000 with plow attachment.

New Business Review Fire Marshall Procedure  We reviewed procedures that would accompany the ordinance regarding the use of a Fire Marshall in the Village.  The procedures will be presented to council for consideration.

We discussed a letter from D. Roy Ferguson sent to the Mayor regarding the use of Village snow plowing services for Parkwood Circle, a private drive.  We consulted with the Village Law Director, who concurred with the findings of previous law directors, that it is inappropriate to utilize public funds for private developments.  In effect, the private roads in developments are extensions of the home owners driveways.  The homeowners in such developments are responsible for their own snow removal.
A letter was sent to Dr. Ferguson representing Parkwood Circle, as well to all the residents on Overlook Drive, reiterating this finding and informing them that they are responsible for their own snow removal.

It was brought to the attention of the committee, that the Stop sign on Parkwood Circle drive had been removed from its pole and re-mounted on a pole that does not meet required height specifications.  In the letter mentioned above to Dr. Ferguson it was indicated that the Village would need to replace the pole with one that meets the required specifications.

We discussed the Federal mandate that will require the Village to replace all street signs with ones that meet specific height, size and reflectivity requirements.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:20 AM


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