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Safety and Streets
December 14, 2011
8:30 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, Lloyd Nagle, Dale Berger

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment
There continues to be a slight elevation in full time police hours due to In service and training.  Service Department hours are below budgeted levels. 

Dale reports that everything is ready for snow--and there have been some minor equipment repairs.  The rams on one of the plows, and the electrical on truck 96.  Dale reported he is working on the electrical, and that the repair of the Rams was about $700.

2.  Old Business
Discuss Road Repair Equipment
The S&S Committee, re-affirms its request that the Dura-patch unit be purchased in conjunction with Moreland Hills and Chagrin Falls.  The Village Engineer indicated that the payback on this investment would most likely be about 1 year.
The Committee also wants to reinforce the recommendation that funds be available to reface one of our plows once we get into the new year

3.  New Business
       Discuss House watch program.
  Lt. Nagle reviewed procedures for the house watch program and indicated some changes that would make it more effective.
  We discussed at length the mayors recommendation in the budget to combine the administrative and police administrative responsibilities.  Lt. Nagle indicated that he was not aware of any communities that did so due to the confidentially required in the Police Department. It might be helpful if the mayor could talk to other mayors and see what they think about the idea of combining the two sides of the administrative operation.  Do they think that there are any legal barriers to making this happen?

Meeting adjourned 9:10

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