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Safety and Streets

Wednesday December 11, 2013

9 AM



Meeting called to order at 9:15 am by Chair John Bourisseau


Present: Council members John Bourisseau, George Skipper, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, Council member elect Ken Kvacek, Lt. Lloyd Nagle, Lloyd Nagle Jr., Chris Ragone, Chief Barone.


Review Police and Service Hours  Police and service hours are within expected limits. Lt. Nagle reported that the new officers are being acclimated to the Village and their addition to the scheduling pool has allowed for more stability and flexibility in scheduling. Lloyd Jr. and Chris reported for the service department as Dale Berger is presently out ill. They reported that the leaf pick-up was able to be completed and that all equipment has been transitioned for the snow season.  We discussed options should there be a significant snow event while Dale is still unavailable.


Old Business  We discussed the enhanced 911 system.  It was recommended that the Chief and the new council members see a demonstration of the system. The Chief will set this up.

The Chief discussed the new computer set up and how it will impact the department.

Mr. Skipper asked the Chief whether there had been any more burglaries in the community.  The Chief indicated that there had not, but other communities were continuing to experience them.  The Chief discussed his collaboration with surrounding communities to help to find the perpetrators.


New Business  We discussed the the ordinance on the agenda to provide a pay increase for existing personnel as outlined in the 2014 budget.

Mrs. Hale asked the chief if it would be possible to trail school buses in the community.  A discussion ensued and the chief indicated that he would review schedules and determine how this could be accomplished on an intermittent basis.  It is impossible to trail every school bus every day--but there should be ways to provide some coverage.


Meeting Adjourned 10:05


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