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Safety and Streets
March 14, 2012
9 AM

Present:  Doug Miller, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Christine Comstock, Joe Maurer, John Bourisseau

1.  Review Police and Service Hours
Hours are within expected limits.
Reviewed status of Equipment and discussed equipment needs.  Recommended  immediate purchase of a fire proof storage cabinet for gas cans at service  garage. Cost around $715.   Also recommended purchase of unit to spray wash  and protect underside of trucks.  Cost around $1000.  The latter piece of  equipment is described in the February minutes.
Dale reported that a catch basin had collapsed in the North Fork development.  A  barrel has been placed to insure that the area is safe until it can be fully  investigated and repaired.

2.  Old Business
Heaters, Lights and gas lines are in at service garage.  Waiting for gas company  to inspect before heaters are activated.
Discussed storage of excess Salt.  Chief continue to discuss options with Cargill.
Chief will get new bid to repair and stripe the parking lot.
Discussed the transfer of the mayors court from the police side to the  administrative side of village hall.
Discussed the status of the auxiliary program.
Discussed the group purchase of 15 stops signs at a significant savings to  replace old signs around the Village.
We are still waiting for some of the attachments for the tractor.

3.  New Business
Resident Dour Miller brought a number of issues to the attention of the  Committee
Asphalt grindings from the berm work completed last year by Specialized Paving  has been spread onto the front yards of residents by snow plows.  Mr. Miller  provided pictures and indicated that he had removed 4 wheelbarrows work of  grindings.  We told Mr. Miller that if other grindings spread onto his property that  he should contact the service department for removal.
Mr. Miller again asked that the Village either replace the No Turn on Red sign on  the NW corner of River and Solon Rds. or remove the No Turn on Red sign on  the SE corner of the same intersection.  Mr. Miller believe that these signs were  initially place at the intersection by action of Village Council, not by County  directive.
Mr. Miller commented on some of the provision of the Deer Hunting ordinance.   The chair will follow up and respond to Mr. Miller.
Mr. Miller also expressed his opinion regarding some of the signage in the Village  that he feels places pedestrians and runners at risk.


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