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May, 12, 2010


9:00 AM

Present—Dale Berger, Jeff Filarski, Penny Whittaker, Mayor Spremulli, Chief Pitts, George Skipper, Cheryl Baker and Dave Maine

1. Review Police and Service Hours.

2. Old Business

Report on the Alternative Transportation Study
--Did not discuss—Next public meeting will be Thursday May 25th at 7pm, Chagrin Falls High School Commons area

Discuss grant for road repair equipment
--Grant was denied

3. New Business

Solon Road Culvert Project (Village Engineer)
--The Village Engineer presented a proposal for the replacement of C-31 and refurbishment of C-32. Total cost $198,496 with $79,400 coming from a grant, remaining $119,096 coming from Village funds. This work needs to be completed and the committee will recommend to Finance that the expenditure be approved.
--Jeff pointed out that this project will require a major portion of what is presently in the Streets Fund which has a balance of $182,600. Funds to complete previously identified needs will need to be identified by the Finance Committee.

Miles Road Bridge Rail Deterioration.
Mr. Filarski has been in further discussion with the County Engineers Office regarding the Miles Road and Solon Road bridge railings. He will present some alternatives to council.

Mayor Spremuli brought a number of issues to S&S for discussion and review.
The mayor pointed out the need to amend Ordinance 240.04 (b) to reflect the present structure of our police dept. The ordinance presently caps part-time police officers at 35 hrs. per week—we presently employ them for 36

The mayor suggested that, going forward, we need to look at how our police and service departments are structured. He has some suggestions that he would like for S&S to review.

We discussed developing a policy to compensate full-time employees for accumulated sick leave upon retirement.

Mrs. Whittaker suggested that we need to develop policies regarding retire/rehire employees as it relates to compensation, sick leave, medical, etc. The mayor offered to work with Mrs. Whittaker on developing procedures.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:40 AM

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