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Safety and Streets

May 14, 2014

9 AM


Meeting started 9 am  Present: Dale Berger, Chief Barone, Ken Kvacek, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito and John Bourisseau


Review Police and Service Hours

            The Service Department has been working hard to keep up with demand.  They have been working with only 2 people for the last few months.  Authorization was given to seek seasonal help, with idea being to hire 1 or 2 college students while we seek a more permanent solution.  Notification of the temporary position has been posted on the website and at Village Hall.  Applications will be available at Village Hall.  It is hoped that we can fill this position(s) as soon as possible.

            The Police Department is also short staffed as a full time officer is on medical leave, at least until the middle of June.  The Chief indicated he is working to fill the shift with part-time personnel

Dale reported that the floats for the waste pump at Village Hall are not functioning.  The crock can be cleared by manually turning on the pump.  Estimates for repair seemed very high and the Village Engineer suggested a solution that could be accomplished by the service department.  Dale indicated that he and Lloyd were going to come in on a Saturday to repair the floats.

Old Business

We reviewed the previous discussion regarding Hazmat Services--it was decided to discuss this at the next council meeting for final resolution

We reviewed previous discussion regarding the enhanced 911 capability.  Two members of council have not seen the presentation and would like to understand the capabilities of the system.  They will contact the vendor to set up a demonstration.

New Business

The committee recommended that we approve the change in the pay ordinance adding part-time seasonal employees.

It was felt by those present that it is necessary to review current employee policies and procedures.  This will be discussed at the next council meeting with the intent to set up a formal committee.

We reviewed the communication from the Village Engineer regarding the Fire Hydrants in Chagrin Valley Trails.  Committee recommends passing the resolution authorizing payment to Chagrin Falls for excavating and ensuring proper drainage of 9 hydrants.

We discussed ways in which the Service Department could repair the area at the NW corner of Solon and Cannon Roads.

Mr. Kvacek reported on a presentation that he attended at Chagrin Schools entitled “Hidden in Plain Sight”  The presentation touched on a number of issues related to problems faced by today’s youth.  Ken is going to acquire the power point presentation.  We discussed how it might be something we could share with residents.

The Committee discussed a letter received from residents of Quartermane Circle regarding some problems with some erosion to the concrete.  The letter was referred to the Village Engineer who will address a solution.


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