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Safety and Streets
May 9, 2012
9 AM

Present:  John Bourisseau-Chair, Joe Maurer, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Christine Comstock, George Skipper, Dave Maine, Mark Magg-Lampion Companies, Jim Alunni, Fire Inspector, Chagrin Falls

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment  We have received all of the implements for the tractor and they are in service.  Dale reported that, because of the recent storms, they have done a lot of work picking up limbs and debris from residents.  We continue to be grateful to Chagrin Falls for their willingness to handle our debris.  Dale indicated that they have used the roller on some of the berms on Holbrook, and to level out the parking lot and the drive in the Park.  Asphalt grindings have been moved from the bin at the service garage to the Park parking lot to make room for the additional salt that we are required to purchase per our contract.  All salt will be covered to minimize erosion and loss.  The grindings will be utilized for projects throughout the Village.
Dale reported that the roller works very well and they look forward to using it throughout the Season.  The propane has been removed from the tank at the service garage and the tank has been removed.
Service Department personnel will be gone for all day training on May 17th.  Additional training sessions are scheduled for July and August.  Dale will inform the chair of the specific dates.
Dale is no longer placing summary sheets of the work activities of the service department personnel in council members mailbox’s.  The work is being recorded each pay period in a data base kept by Jackie and council members can request the information should they so desire.
A lightpole on the Solon Rd. bridge rusted and broke off.  Luckily, it fell away from the street.  The Engineer inspected other poles on the bridge and found a great deal of  corrosion occurring--with one pole showing significant damage.  The County provided documentation that the cost of replacement poles will be the responsibility of the Village.  I asked the Village Engineer to provide cost estimates for replacement poles.  The poles on the Miles Rd. bridge will also be inspected.

2.  Old Business
  Jim Alunni, Chagrin Falls Fire Dept.  Council had considered and rejected entering into an agreement with Chagrin Falls for Fire Inspection services.  Mr. Alunni addressed the questions that were raised by council regarding procedures for access for an inspection and procedures for payment.  We will discuss this with council and ask to have the ordinance presented again.

The Chief has received numerous bids for asphalt repair to the parking lot.  He will review them with the Village Engineer and then present a recommendation.
The Chief indicated that he is working with B & C communications to develop the final proposal for narrow banding of radios.  There is $7000 in the budget for this project.  The Chief will continue to fine tune the proposal and will bring it to S&S for review when completed.
Discussed the status of the Police car order.
3.   New Business
  Mike Magg, Lampion Co. Mr. Magg presented a proposal for changing out the bulbs in our traffic light to LED traffic signal modules.  There are a total of 30 bulbs in our present traffic light.  With a grant from First Energy, the total cost to the Village would be $1,145.  The energy savings in the 1st year are estimated to be almost $1000, and the estimated savings to the Village over the life of the bulbs is $6,800.  A copy of the proposal will be attached to the minutes.  We discussed other lighting systems in the Village that we might investigate to effect savings.

Discuss Road and Drainage projects for Village.  The Village Engineer provided an overview of the proposed Drainage and Pavement programs for the year.  The estimated costs to address drainage issues in the Village is $69,500.  Estimated cost for Pavement repairs is $46,200.  A summary of the Engineer’s proposal is attached.
In a separate conversation, the Engineer indicated he will meet with the Service Department foreman to discuss Village projects.

Meeting Adjourned 10:15

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