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Safety and Streets

Wednesday July 9, 2014

9 AM




Present:  John Bourisseau, Ken Kvacek, Kathleen Esposito, Dale Berger, Chief Barone, Jeff Filarsky


Review Police and Service Hours

          Review service projects and equipment. Dale reported that they continue to cut the roadways and have begun to paint and inspect the Fire Hydrants that are the responsibility of the Village.  Some Fire Hydrants are checked and maintained by the Chagrin Water Dept. while others are on the Cleveland system and are the responsibility of the Village.

          Dale reported there are a number of damaged guard rails that need to be replaced.  He is checking into costs for buying used guardrails.  They will be installed by our service department.

          Chief reported that full-time police officer Ondich has decided to turn down a job offer from another community and will continue to serve Bentleyville.


Old Business

          Enhanced 911 Chief Baron reported that numerous residents have been receiving messages, or alerts from Hunting Valley and Orange due to their phone numbers being submitted by dispatch to an enhanced 911 system.  Calls to the communities and to dispatch have not remediated the situation.  The concern is that residents who have signed up through our website indicating they want to be notified of Village activities, are now receiving notifications from other communities.  It is the recommendation of the committee that the mayor, as our representative to the Council of Governments, express our concerns and get the situation remedied. this type of error with personal data makes it difficult to gain resident trust in the ability of the Village to handle their confidential information.

          We discussed the possibility of creating our own ‘reverse 911’.  We are small enough as a community to be able to compile and administer and emergency list.  We could be able to provide targeted information specific areas of the community.

We also discussed what the Park Committee is trying to accomplish with the Village Directory and issues related to confidentiality.

          We also discussed whether the Village should have an emergency siren--Mr. Kvacek will check into this prospect.

          Councilman Kvacek shared a job description for the vacant service department position.  There will be ads in the 2 local newspapers tomorrow.  Mr. Kvacek indicated that a neighboring community is seeking full and part time service personnel. 

          We discussed exploring further what costs would be involved in creating a full time service position to create stability in the department.  Our present budget doesn’t have room for such an option, but it would be helpful to see the numbers.


New Business

          Review Bids for 2014 roads projects Village Engineer, Jeff Filarsky reported that only one bid was received for the road work being contemplated and it was more than 10% higher than the estimate.  Mr. Filarsky recommended that we reject the bid.  He will split the work into 2 projects and rebid it.

          Mr. Filarsky suggested that we enter into an agreement with Moreland Hills for our pavement marking program.  The needs are minimal this year.  Moreland Hills would administer the program and bill Bentleyville upon completion.  This process would reduce the overall cost to the Village and is recommended by the committee. 

          Review need for possible culvert work.  The culvert under a driveway on Berkshire Drive is failing.  The Village instituted a policy a few years ago that allows the Village to share in the cost of culvert replaced under certain conditions including approval by the Streets and Safety committee.  Monies for culvert repair are included in the budget.  The Streets and Safety Committee recommends that the Village participate in the repair of this culvert as stipulated in the policy.

          The committee also discussed a culvert on River Road located on the north side of the Aurora Branch of the Chagrin River.  It is used as a turn around for Village Vehicles.  During heavy rainfall water flows over the culvert and washes out portions of a residents driveway.  Mr. Filarsky will assess the situation in order to determine if an additional culvert is needed.


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