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August 11, 2010
9:00 AM

Present—John Bourisseau, George Skipper, Penny Whittaker, Dale Berger and Wendy Gillund

1. Review Police and Service Hours.

Review changes in shift hours for police. --Police and service hours are within budgeted projections. Chief Pitts made the decision to change the police shifts from 12 to 8 hrs. The Chief was on vacation and not present to discuss these changes.
Lieutenant Nagle reviewed how police shifts were being staffed. He pointed out that 4 years ago we had 4 full time police officers and a pool of 16 part time officers to draw from. We presently have 2 full time officers and a pool of 6 part time officers to draw from. We discussed the benefits of expanding the pool of part time officers.
Dale Berger indicated that the service department is waiting to access grindings in order to do berming work on Holbrook Road. They will rent a roller.

Discussed Finance Committee recommendations regarding service department staffing

2. Old Business
Reviewed the previous recommendation to the Finance Committee that we purchase MDT terminals for our police cruisers.

3. New Business
Discussed 2 ordinances prepared by the law director at the request of Ms. Gillund. It was decided to table any discussion until actions regarding the Mayor’s request for the Service Department staffing are acted on.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:05 AM

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