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Safety and Streets

Wednesday August 13, 2014

9 AM


Present: John Bourisseau, Ken Kvacek, Chief Barone, Dale Berger, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Esposito


Review Police and Service Hours  Part-time summer help has worked well.  Dale has interviewed a prospective part-time employee for the vacant service department position.  He appears to be a good match and the committee recommended that he be hired. 

Service projects and equipment  The service department has replaced a number of damaged guardrails throughout the Village.  They checked the operation of 102 Fire Hydrants and found 12 that were not draining properly.  Dale has notified the Cleveland Water Department. Dale indicated that there are a number of catch basins that need to be cleaned.  He is seeking bids for this task.


New Business  The chief reported that he has identified a number of charges for calls that he feels need to be discussed with the COG.  These charges amount to thousands of dollars per year.

The chief would like an additional 24 hrs per week in part-time hours to cover times when only one person is on duty.  He would create 4 additional 6 hour shifts.  The Chief was asked to create a scheduling template showing how these additional shifts would help coverage.

We discussed speeding issues in Chagrin Valley Trails.  The Chief said he would investigate additional signage for some specific areas.


Old Business  We again discussed the recommendation for the 911 cellular program.  Christine has prepared a spreadsheet showing the differences between the costs of possible programs.


Meeting Adjourned 9:42


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