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Safety and Streets

Wednesday September 11, 2013

9 AM


Meeting Started 9:10 am


Present:  Chief Barone, Dale Berger-Interim Service Director, George Skipper, Christine Comstock, John Bourisseau, Chair


Review Police and Service Hours

          Discuss Service Projects and Equipment


Chief Barone discussed how he is creating email accounts for all officers--full and part-time in order to enhance communication and cohesion within the department.  He has been reviewing the scheduling process and familiarizing himself with the staff.  He believes that we should increase the pool of part-time officers and would like to explore adding a full-time position next year.


The Chief discussed creating an ordinance that would provide for the Village to be reimbursed for the costs involved when a cruiser is requested by a contractor for use in traffic control.


The Chief indicated that he is analyzing the computer network in order to determine whether there may be a more effective way of using the system.  He also is analyzing the MDT’s.


Dale reported that they have been painting fire hydrants throughout the Village--there are 107.  An exterminator was hired to go through Village Hall, and also attended to the large hornets nest on the west side of Solon Road near the entrance to the Metro-Parks.  The gas purchasing program has not begun--we are still waiting for key cards.


Old Business


          Review equipment requests for the 2014 Budget.

          Dale is waiting for an estimate for the truck washing device.  As reported above, the Chief is analyzing the MDT units and will have a recommendation next month.  The Chief indicated he will explore further the 911 app.

            John reported that the engineer shared that the lights for the Solon Road bridge are scheduled for delivery October 9th, and should be installed shortly thereafter.  The mayor has temporarily appointed Dale Berger as service director and will most likely seek for the service director to be a full-time position.


New Business


          The committee reviewed the bids and recommendation for the Village roads program.  The committee recommends passage of the enabling ordinance.


Meeting Adjourned 10:05

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