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Streets and Safety
Sept 12, 2012
9 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Joe Maurer, Chief Pitts, Christine Comstock and Ed Gray.

1. Review Police and Service Hours
Discuss service projects and Equipment.  Police and service hours are within expected limits.  The chief reported that police training continues to be taking place on a variety of topics.  There will be training sessions coming up on the new radios. 
We discussed the status of large equipment.  We are in pretty good shape except for items the items to be itemized in this report. 
The Chief indicated that the new police car is in and is being outfitted.  Total cost will be less than what is in the budget.  The Chief indicated the need for a new police car to be in the next budget.  With a few exceptions, it has been procedure to rotate in a new vehicle each year.
The service department has been working with hot patch on various sections of roads in the Village using the roller to compact the repairs.
The chief indicated that we have about 60 tons of salt at the service garage, and about 600T being stored off site from last years order.  We typically use about 1000T a year so we will be placing a salt order in the near future.

2. Old Business
We reviewed the information regarding AED devices.  Prices across companies is pretty consistent.  The S&S committee recommends purchasing 3 devices.  One for Village hall, one for the service garage and one to be in the duty car.  List price is $1699 for each device.  It is also recommended that we purchase a cabinet to house the device for Village Hall.  Total cost for 3 AED devices and one storage cabinet is about $5500
The Chief presented various estimates for refurbishing the 1-ton truck.  The truck is presently off-line.  The 2012 budget allocates $20,000 towards this refurbishment.  The chief believes that he can get all of the necessary work completed for around $13,000.  The S&S committee recommends that council approve moving forward with this project.
During the budget process last year, the need to refurbish one of the plows was discussed and approved.  The Chief would like confirmation to move ahead with having this completed.  The cost estimate is what was presented to council last Fall, $5000
We discussed the condition of the Village pick-up truck.  This vehicle was mentioned in last years equipment report as needing to be replaced and $5000 was allocated in the 2012 budget to do so.  The vehicle is still serviceable, but the chief will continue to look for a used replacement.
The Chief indicated that the service department made some alterations to the hinges on the leaf box and they believe they will be able to get by without ordering the Spartan Hinges that were in the budget.
A short discussion ensued about hiring full time service personnel.  Mr  Gray indicated that he would rather see more full time police before we hire full time service personnel.
The Chief was asked to write a directive regarding safety procedures when loading salt.

3. New Business
We reviewed a Drug-Free policy prepared by Mrs. Comstock.  The policy will be emailed to members of council and we would like it to be on the agenda for the September council meeting for approval.
We discussed that the deer hunting season would be opening, hunters have made application and letters will be sent out to Village residents.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:15


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