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Utilities Committee Minutes

October 14th, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 7:33 P.M.

Present: John Bourisseau, Wendy Gillund, George Skipper


1. Proposed Backup Generator ordinance

The committee approved the changes to the proposed Backup Generator ordinance and recommend adoption of the ordinance.

2. Review of the current Waste Management rubbish pickup contract.

Features of the current contract:

Length of contract: 3 years

Expiration date: 12/31/08
Current monthly cost of “unlimited service”, per residential unit:

trash collection - $12.20

recycling - $ 3.45

Note: the “unlimited service” includes curbside bulk item pick up, but excludes items containing Freon. The current cost for Freon removal, billed to the

homeowner by Waste Management, is $65.00. A large quantity of building materials, such as those generated by a remodeling project or an addition are also excluded. A list of other items excluded will be made available later.

There is a fuel adjustment surcharge added to each monthly invoice. It is based on the U.S. Department of Energy On-Highway Diesel Price Index published on the last Monday of each month, before the invoice is generated.

We currently are billed on the basis of service to 304 homes. That dollar amount last month, for trash pick up and recycling was $4781.92. With the fuel surcharge added, the total amount was $5544.63. According to Molly/Carm, we now have 332 homes in the village.

The mobile trash containers and recycling bins are to be supplied and maintained by the contractor.

Pick up and disposal of rubbish and recyclables, from the tree lawn, shall be one day each week.

Special provisions must be made for disabled or senior residents so pick up would at the house, rather than the tree lawn.

The contractor is required to provide a quantity of two 40 yard dumpsters at the service garage the first week of January for the disposal of Christmas trees.

One 40 yard dumpster is to be placed throughout the year at the service garage.


In 2002, 29% of the village solid waste disposed was recycled. In 2006, the amount was approximately 31%. In 2007, the amount recycled dropped to not quite 20%. The village Waste Management representative described a new service that the company offers. Rather than an 18 gal. bin for the recyclables, they will now provide a 64 gal. wheeled container, with pickup every two weeks, for all recyclables, including junk mail, plastics, cardboard, and metals. More details will be provided shortly. They now also offer recycling for CFL's (compact fluorescent lamps) and batteries. More information on both programs has been requested.

Some communities recycle as much as 68% of their solid waste. A concerted effort should be made to substantially increase the volume of recycled solid waste within the village to reduce the volume placed in landfills.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

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