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Utilities Committee Minutes

May 12th, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M.

Present: John Bourisseau, George Skipper


1. Review of the Village Hall telephone system

John Bourisseau interviewed the Police Chief, Police Secretary, Fiscal Officer, and the Administrative Office Secretary to review both the current status of the system and the expressed needs.

The expressed needs were as follows:

• A separate phone line for the Police Dept/Service Dept. and Administration.

• A cordless phone for the police dept.

• Caller I.D. for the Police Chief

The current status:

• The village has six phone numbers, two of which are dedicated fax lines.

• There are 16-18 phone consoles throughout village hall.

• Three consoles have Caller I.D. (number only).

• Approximately 80% of calls are for the police or service department.

• Phones are answered by the Police Secretary, Administration, the Fiscal Officer, or police personnel, depending on who is available at any given time.

• There is a general philosophy that it is desirable to have a person answer the phone.

• The present system was purchased in 2003 and seems reliable.

There does not appear to be a need to purchase a new phone system; i.e., it appears to meet the current technological needs of the village.

Issues for additional review:

• Is there a consensus that a person should answer a call, whenever possible?

• Should the system be set up to exempt any personnel from answering the phone (which might require an answering machine greeting during certain periods of the day)?

• Can one of the four non-fax lines be dedicated to Administration, without affecting the flexibility of the other lines?

• Can an additional console, with Caller I.D. (including Name) be added?

• Can a cordless phone be added?

• Can the current system keep a retrievable record of calls?

There was no New Business or Old Business.
The meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

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